Adenine-mediated amide-containing metal-organic framework toward one-step ethylene purification from a ternary mixture

Fang-Jing Guo, Ning Yang, Hong-Xin Li, Han Fang, Dong-Xu Xue*

Chin. J. Struct. Chem., 2023, 42: 100012.  DOI: 10.1016/j.cjsc.2023.100012

February 15, 2023


In conclusion, an amide-containing adenine-mediated zinc-based rod MOF of 1 was successfully constructed by virtue of solvothermal reaction and mixed-linker approach. SCXRD discloses that 1 features no open meal sites and exhibits 1D microporous channels replete with uncoordinated carboxylate oxygen atoms and amide groups, resulting in not only C2H2 but also C2H6 selective property. Therefore, the isolated single material of 1 is capable of separating C2H4 from a ternary mixture of C2H2/C2H4/C2H6 in one step, which was ultimately confirmed by dynamic breakthrough experiments. This work provides an impressive multifunctional MOF material toward the challenging one-step ethylene purification application.

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