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Electrosynthesis of hydroxylamine from earth-abundant small molecules

Wen-Bo Wei, Qi-Long Zhu*



It is noteworthy that the work combined plasma discharge with electroreduction processes, resulting in the sustainable synthesis of NH2OH from ambient air and H2O. The proposed mechanism not only mitigates the energy consumption problem during NH2OH electrosynthesis but also reduces the emission of NOx. Furthermore, it provides an important scientific reference for the renewable electrosynthesis of NH2OH and other nitrogen-containing compounds. Nevertheless, the large-scale synthesis of HNO3 plasma continues to present significant challenges, including high energy consumption and low air conversion efficiency. In particular, the key to industrialisation is the further realisation of high-concentration HNO3, the advancement of the scale-up and low-cost preparation of catalytic electrodes, and the rational construction of the reactive electrostack.

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