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Metal halide perovskites quantum dots: Synthesis, and modification strategies for solar CO2 conversion

Shu-Ran Xu, Fang-Xing Xiao*


Metal halide perovskites; Quantum dots; Photocatalytic CO2 reduction; Charge transfer


In the past few years, environmental and energy challenges arising from extensive burning of fossil fuels and CO2 emission have become the increasingly severe issue. One effective solution to address these problems is reduction of CO2 into valuable solar fuels such as CO, CH4, and HCO2H through the semiconductor-based photocatalysis technology. Metal halide perovskites quantum dots (MHPs QDs) represent a new generation of photosensitizers that possesses excellent photoelectric properties and have been attracting enormous attention in the field of photocatalytic CO2 reduction. This review provides a concise introduction on different types and preparation methods of MHPs QDs and discusses the specific applications especially photocatalytic CO2 reduction mechanism of MHPs QDs. Furthermore, future opportunities and challenges for constructing high-performance MHPs QDs-based photocatalysts are further elucidated. We anticipate that our review could provide enriched information on the photocatalytic application of MHPs QDs toward solar-to-fuel conversion.

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