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Two Bisligand-Coordinated Luminescent Zn(II)-Coordination Polymers for Sensing of Ions and Pesticides in Aqueous Solutions

Zhao-Di Zhou, Zi-Long Xu, Dan Wang, Lin-Fang Jia, Han-Qing Zhao, Bao-Yi Yu* and Chong-Chen Wang*

The demon mirror (Zhaoyaojing in Chinese) in the Journey to the West, a Chinese classical literature, can reflect the original shape of demons. Both as-prepared coordination polymers, [Zn(PTA)(DTP)(H2O)2]·(DMF) (CP-1) and [Zn(BTC)(DTP)]·(CH3CN)1.5·(H2O)4 (CP-2), can act as demon mirror to detect the different environmental pollutants. This image presented the magic demon mirror to reflect the presence of pollutants, the demons in environment, which provided an opportunity for the readers to appreciate Chinese traditional culture.

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Layer-by-Layer Grafting Dye on Chiral MOF Thin Films for Circularly Polarized Luminescence

Rui Zhai, Yindi Zhu, Limei Chang, Zhigang Gu* and Jian Zhang*

Chin. J. Struct. Chem. 2022, 41, 2209074-2209079  DOI: 10.14102/j.cnki.0254-5861.2022-0023

September 22, 2022

metal-organic frameworks, liquid-phase epitaxy, thin film, circularly polarized luminescence


Metal-organic frameworks with chiral feature (chirMOFs) are attracting great attention on circularly polarized luminescence (CPL). However, developing new efficient strategy to achieve or improve CPL properties is an urgent task. Herein, new chiral MOF thin films prepared by liquid-phase epitaxial layer by layer (lbl) growth method (SURchirMOF) are composed of D- or L-camphorate (D/Lcam) and aminopyrazine (Pr-NH2) by using liquid phase epitaxial layer by layer (lbl) method. The resulted Zn2(D/Lcam)2Pr-NH2 SURchirMOF shows strong chirality and luminescence but weak CPL emission at 390 nm. After lbl modifying a dye molecule FluoresceinIsothiocyanate (FITC), the chiroptical Zn2(D/Lcam)2Pr-NH-FITC SURchirMOFs with ~7 times CPL signal improvement and ~3 times glum value amplification are obtained. This work provides a new strategy to develop chiral MOF thin films for CPL improvement using lbl grafting approach.

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