The Chinese Journal of Structural Chemistry is an international peer-reviewed journal published in English. It publishes original research works about the structure and property of matter, including but not limited to coordination chemistry, organometallic chemistry, nanoscale chemistry, heterogeneous catalysis, homogenous catalysis, energy chemistry, environment science, and life science in the form of Articles, Short Communications, Reviews, Perspectives, Highlights and News & Views. The journal is published twelve issues a year by Fujian Institute of Research on the Structure of Matter, CAS, and is available online at

Authors are solely responsible for the contents of their contribution. It is assumed that they have the necessary authority for publication. The contents of manuscripts submitted to the Chinese Journal of Structural Chemistry have not been submitted to any other journal in parallel or published previously. Any manuscript available on personal/group web pages will be considered by the Editors as already published and will not be accepted. The authors must inform the Editors of manuscripts submitted to, soon to be submitted to, or in press at other journals that have a bearing on the manuscript being submitted. All submissions must adhere to the Ethical Guidelines for Publication in Journals and Reviews of the European Association of Chemical and Molecular Sciences (EuCheMS). In particular, authors should reveal all sources of funding for the work presented in the manuscript and should declare any conflict of interest.

All articles must be written in English. A well-written paper helps share your results most clearly. Manuscript must be “spell checked” and “grammar checked” before submission, and our English editor will edit your manuscript for grammar, spelling, and other language errors so that your ideas could be presented at their best.

All submitted manuscripts that are suitable for consideration will be sent to independent referees. Manuscripts which are clearly inappropriate for the journal can be rejected without consulting referees. Authors are encouraged to suggest suitable referees (full names and affiliations including e-mail address). However, the referees that are contacted will not be limited to those nominated by the authors. All accepted manuscripts are edited before printing to ensure scientific consistency, clarity of presentation, and uniformity of style.

If authors have to or want to make their publications freely available at the moment they are published (open access), the Chinese Journal of Structural Chemistry offers such a service. Under the keyword Online Open you can find all the information about this subject on our homepage.

In general, we recommend that authors link on their homepage to their Chinese Journal of Structural Chemistry publication through the "Digital Object Identifier" (DOI). Only in this way Crossref function correctly and full-text downloads can be tallied.

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